DOF Logo small thumb  Sailing on Lake Simcoe with Les


I love sailing.  Sailing reminds me that I am not in control of my situation.  The wind, the waves and weather determine where I can go and how quickly.  Sailing puts me in a vessel that is my only salvation and hope.  It also allows me to experience the thrill of the ride, a heeled boat, the sails straining, a hull piercing the water.

The spiritual metaphor of sailing reminds me of my life in Christ.  He alone is my salvation, my boat.  His Spirit is the wind that moves me.  Yet there are other spirits in the world that press down upon me.  Not friendly spirits, but spirits that push against where He would lead me.  Yet, even so, I raise the sails of faith and use these winds, ploughing my way through the turmoil of the waters to where He would have me go.

I often sail alone and use this as a time of reflection, time alone with God.  There is something about the waters, the wind and the sky that clears my head and give me new perspectives.

If you are at all in for a unique life changing experience, come and join me.

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