India 2014 – Week 3


There is something about preaching the pure unadulterated gospel that leaves one in total awe of God.  It is knowing that the power of God to salvation is being shouted across the city to listening ears.  Somehow, the fact that I am a white westerner with a title and banner makes the people pay attention more.   For that I am grateful, because as my voice booms out over the streets and Pastor Rajendra’s  translation doubles the effect, it lends so much more credibility to the message.  And it is the message that is important.  That’s the dynamite of God, blasting away spiritual strongholds.

Preaching in the open air on a raised platform to a packed closed off street seating 600 people was certainly the highlight of this week.  The SAC church invested heavily in this event.  It marked the 20th anniversary of this little church on this little street in the slums of Vijayawada.  After taking all day to set up platforms, sound systems (donated from Canada), and laying out 600 chairs, not to mention cooking a full meal for 600 people, the celebration crusade began.  It would be 1:30 am before we got home, buy wow what night.  The seeds of the gospel were sown, the neighbourhood was fed and the message that Jesus Christ loves them was indelibly etched on this community.  

May many come to freedom as a result of sowing these seeds.  May His kingdom come on this little street.

I am humbled by what God id doing in this city. 



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